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fifa 15 coins the Chinese team but one battle

Nicole1994da posted @ Wed, 22 Oct 2014 09:53:58 +0800 in 未分类 with tags fifa 15 coins the Chinese team but one battle , 152 readers

the Chinese team but one battle, but 2:Score of 0 soccer men completely let down on the field, Zheng Zheng stepped forward to assist also often a lot on 72 minutes, Zheng Zheng along the left side of the road has been a breakthrough,fifa 15 coins tries to pass up front but did not find the opportunity, after marauding runs almost 50 metres, suddenly cut inside a foot long shots, first national team Starter Zheng Zheng netted a goal. This is not finished, and then completely relax Zheng Zheng scored for the national team again. On 82 minutes, Zheng Zheng in the left side of the road and Luneng players Hao junmin made a wall-tie, Zheng Zheng through balls to face the goalkeeper in the penalty area,Buy the cheapest fifa 15 coins with professional service from FIFAINBOX.COM! push near post score, his goals helped the Chinese team to 4:0 victory over Singapore. Zheng Zheng's play earned the loudest applause, CCTV anchor Liu Jianhong said Zheng Zheng even supposed to replace Sun as the Chinese new left-back after a Chinese team has basically no chance to qualify, last night's game Camacho might as well opportunities for more young people. Than against Iraq team's starting line-up, Camacho last breath for 4 people, except Zhang linpeng and Yu Hanchao these appearances because of injury could not be outside, Zheng Zheng, Bowen, Chen Tao was future young of the national team. Starting lineup, except for Captain Li Weifeng, the team's other members were born after 1985 can be seen from Camacho's squad last night, the Chinese had begun to focus on the future construction. Chinese football was forced to usher in a transition period, compared to Li Weifeng, Zheng Zhi, Sun Xiang, Qu Bo,

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