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cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 Sabella does not Gago in addition to Messi

Nicole1994da posted @ Tue, 28 Oct 2014 16:17:57 +0800 in 未分类 with tags cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 ,Sabella does not Gago in addition to Messi , 268 readers

Sabella does not Gago in addition to Messi, all leading to play outside of the two wounded, is the main axis of; the wings for replacement or new people--including right back at Roncaglia (from serie a side Fiorentina),cheap fifa 15 coins ps4 left guard Olwan (from French Bordeaux), partner with Javier Mascherano midfield pair of Lavezzi and Banega, two winger Alvarez. Sabella said after the game: "this game we were under an existing schema matching service. "That is, the framework does not change, play has not changed, and the presence of Messi, Fernando Gago had been used in the same manner, just adjust the personnel. So it is not considered as a "plan b"? Some experts believe that the personnel changed the count, rather than "architecture" replaced only because Messi's position and run lines, are unmatched by others in the team.

In combat, the so-called "plan b" did not work. Argentina teams are not used in the first half Ecuador's powerful impact, and always be in a passive position. Ecuador players ' physical ability and explosiveness are good running ability, repeatedly tapping into the box and let Argentina team in front of an emergency. Roncaglia, Olwan two fullbacks couple very unsuitable either to block each other's offense, not staring at people, even complicity and Federico Galaj. Fernandez's best centre-back partner, also weighed down for 1.5 years. Sabella is no way later, Sabaleta came on in the 63rd minute, just to ease the defensive pressure. Such an ordeal, Argentina has once again exposed defensively weak old problems.

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