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fifa coins trader SINA levy selected the 32-nation

Nicole1994da posted @ Fri, 31 Oct 2014 10:28:04 +0800 in 未分类 with tags SINA levy selected the 32-nation,fifa coins trader , 254 readers

Before the World Cup campaign was officially launched, for global call for Brazil World Cup 32 competing countries "soccer goddess". In the past with different sport hyped beauty is that SINA mobile portal World Cup organized by 32 countries "soccer goddess" award, the netizens and fans are more innovative and worth watching. fifa coins trader According to understanding, this times activities will main around: 32 country "football goddess" auditions, and football goddess stationed in Sina mobile portal chat room and users interactive, and according to Brazil World Cup format for "World Cup goddess" of award three a aspects to started activities will from many candidates who in the pick out confident, and has personality, and love movement of exotic women, as Brazil World Cup 32 support entries country of football goddess, for respective of team cheer scream. After the tournament, 32 soccer goddess move into three-side chat rooms of Sina, in accordance with their respective team processes to initiate discussions and interactive chat with the netizens, focus on processes and launch of the World Cup competition, users who actively participate in online interaction can get mystery Awards, or are lucky enough to win, "Sina special counsellor" honors. Soccer activity plays the goddess, Goddess of 32 football will follow Brazil World Cup format for "Goddess of the World Cup" a run-off election, users can choose their favorite polling places like the goddess, according to users like votes for each round, the last winner will win the "Goddess of the World Cup" in the title. Actively participate in praise of netizens can be obtained, surprise gifts rewards, but also have a chance to get face to face with soccer goddess, and the goddess with the opportunity to watch the World Cup!

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