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Started a new story, new characters to join,buy fut coins has long been separated from Pearl's father, Eduardo, Aunt Mimi and her childhood sweetheart, Robert, there were three blue and Pearl baby Kara, blue Asia, co-op, as well as a community of people with a fire red, feathered red Macaw is the film considerably.

Eduardo is a very serious, the father,Best fifa 15 coins trader site online at the UK market! bears the burden of protecting entire communities live, just because of this, Bu the body wrapped around pockets of son-in-law from the big city feel dissatisfied. Mimi is Eduardo's sister, very spoiled, Pearl, is such a warm feeling of their elders. Robert is a both the shape and the voice is perfect for wild birds, females around fascinated, Blu's three best friends could not help complaining he is short and looks at the bird. Pearl's father, Eduardo is brand new debut role

Four thwarted BRU had a serious sense of crisis, you know love will always be an insurmountable obstacle. Blue Pearl, sought wanted to favor, however accidentally violate the Scarlet Macaw's territory, causing a red and blue war.