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This is a video from CCTV initiative, the full participation of family humor video awards events, through the program to gather folk jokes and funny fifa 15 coins The show is broadcast on CCTV channel in prime time, Xie na, Zheng Xu is expected to become the host of the show, while the actor mouthed may to identities of the presenters appeared on the show the quality of the List

Multiple monitor news coverage of the CCTV broadcast this year have aroused widespread concern.Best fifa 15 coins trader site online at the UK market! Planned for next October in the CCTV news channel launched this new program will continue to expose the products with quality problems and adverse business and recommend honest operators listed, for consumers to good quality TV series home

This drama directed by Zhang Guoli, Jingzhi Zou total planned, starring Chen Baoguo, and Zhang Guoli, and Xi Meijuan, child star studded. The show about a group of veteran final dream home stories live in foreign countries, since filming attention, bent is expected to become next year's high ratings for TV series the life and death of visa