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fifa 15 coins PS4 Block shapes and numbers affect ball flight routes

Soccer traditionally consist of 32 pentagonal and hexagonal blocks,fifa 15 coins PS4 but the ball made from blocks of 32, 14 and 8 blocks of various shapes and designs. In the just-begun at the 2014 Brazil World Cup, is a novel consisting of 6 blocks of football.

Few studies have explored in the past influence of different blocks of football aerodynamics, and now Japan macro to send middle and shallow Jing Wu of the University of Tsukuba (transliteration) answered this question. Their wind tunnel tests showed that skin has implications for air resistance in the direction of 6 pieces of leather football minimum air resistance, 32 second. The researchers found that when the robot soccer, soccer for football in the direction of flight can have a significant impact, namely chips will obviously interfere with the flight of the ball. 6 pieces of skin and the traditional 32 skins soccer, show a relatively stable and regular flight routes. They think the impact of these factors need to be further studied.