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fifa coins andriod fans hopes became a completely of participants

Just favorably cool "hurdles" to love Qiyi, Gao also went to Brazil, opening the "Xiao songqi talk" tour of World Cup TV plus, fifa coins andriod another video company is not far behind. TV plus in addition to purchases from CCTV demand the right of the World Cup, but also launched containing information, talking ball, big Lady, reality shows, quizzes and other 8 homemade show and TV plus made not only play on PC, mobile phone, it is in its own Internet TV music video aired on TV. Also, Le depending on also through all raised mode, signed Ronaldo served as Le depending on World Cup spokesman, signed Belgium team,Buy the cheapest fifa 15 coins with professional service from FIFAINBOX.COM! became its World Cup during of China exclusive Internet sponsors "2014 years of World Cup will no longer is ' you kicked he said I see ' of synonymous with, from Forum to micro Bo, to requirements to himself of preferences effects program of making, fans hopes became a completely of participants, this ' user direct ' of needs also only video website can do reporter from PPTV poly force understanding to, Now Brazil's World Cup-related advertising revenues had reached 80 million Yuan, event marketing income hit a record high. PPTV cohesion said Liang zhou, General Manager of sports media career, pPTV force created the World Cup "1th home" are moving billions in advertising revenue goal steadily in TV plus channels of the World Cup, the decisive battle of Rio, the Gold Cup Yiu Brazil show the advertisers name. Aiqi Art World Cup special pages, add much treasure appears in a prominent location, and "balance of treasure" cooperation of tianhong Fund also has strategic cooperation with aiqi Art World Cup ad types, industries, including sports equipment, IT covered the World Cup, cosmetic, automotive, food, beer, beverage, finance, lottery and other fields.