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fifa coins trader Was selected as a Korea national team

With others in the superior effectiveness of Korea player,fifa coins trader Li Zhinan and no illustrious CV, but somewhat obscure. Born in 1984, he stands 1.86 metres, capable defender and midfield positions, such as having played Korea Seoul FC, Kyung Nam FC, previously played for Daegu FC. Although used stints at FC Seoul, but didn't have a chance, Li Zhinan's career has been more low-key, until the past couple of seasons was able to materialize.

Last season, Li Zhinan 24 appearances scoring 1 goal in k-League. Best fifa 15 coins trader site online at the UK market!While in Korea is not a top football player, but the height advantage and good heading ability, has always been in Daegu FC defender the absolute main, its performance is in the defensive end got Korea endorsed unanimously by the industry, and gradually become Korea marginal candidates for the national team.

Previously, Korea coach disheartened in the selection of the k-League and League player of Asia Korea squad for warm-up America, Li Zhinan called into the team. However, though he gained the opportunity to travel with the team but in Korea against Costa Rica, and Mexico and the United States team in 3 international matches Li Zhinan failed to get a chance to, so he selected Korea captained Brazil World Cup is highly unlikely.

fifa coins trader AFC World Cup qualifiers grading the national soccer team is expected to draw principles into the seed

Washington (reporter Du Rui) AFC competition Department recently determined in 2018 Russia World Cup qualifier Asian zone final 20 minutes stalls draw principle remains subject to the latest FIFA rankings. fifa coins trader This also means that if China in the next two years in competition grades will likely once again became one of Asia's top 50% 's top 20 tournament seedings.

Recently, Asia AFC race Department in Kuala Lumpur headquarters meeting, first determines has Russia Asia world preliminaries format, still copy 2014 World preliminaries format, whole Asia game is divided into four a stage, first stage is ranking lower of team of qualification game, China directly entered second stage game, two round of game time is June 2015 and July, that is in 21 months zhihou, team will again to World Cup launched impact, once team clearance on will entered third stage of 20 strong game, Drawing of lots ceremony in Moscow in late July 2015, tranche in accordance with monthly updates on the latest international ranking in Asia, and the fourth stage is the top ten.